Wednesday, June 22, 2016


40 Year old, Father of 3 kids (7, 2, <1)
Entrepreneur / Multi Business Owner
Real Estate Investor
Financially Independent
Ultra High Net Worth Individual i.e. >25M

Haunted by my Ambition, Counting Blessings every Day, Love my family, Looking for other frugal millionaires. I don't fit in with typical wealthy individuals as I do not live their lifestyles.

Gets lonely as I mask what I am and what I have. Was always taught to be humble and appreciative.

There are times I selfishly feel like I want to quit, Overall I feel too much responsibility for all my good fortune to use it and do good with it.

Main Issues I am focusing on:

1) Professionally - What do I do to get bigger platform
2) Family - How do I raise my kids to be productive happy adults.
3) Existentialism - What they heck does this all mean.


  1. looks lime I'm the first one on your blog. would love to know detail of your journey!

  2. Hi, thx for stopping by. Just started this blog. Will definitely write about the journey shortly.